Benefits of starting an A2B Program at your Art Center:

  • Promote your artists and give something more to your membership such as additional exposure by having their artwork shown at local businesses.
  • Visibility to local businesses about your membership and services.
  • Partnership with regional businesses that create mutual marketing opportunities for the art center, businesses and the artists.
  • Increased revenue:
    • Business annual membership (which becomes residual as the businesses renew each year because they love the program)
    • Commission from the art that sells at the business venues
    • Artist membership increases by the added value provided by adding this program to your list of services
    • Sales at the art center increases due to the additional exposure with the businesses and the local chambers of commerce.
    • Donations from the A2B website that is added to your existing website or a standalone website.
  • Easy management! Contracts for both the businesses and artists are available online. Artists can load their information, photos and can maintain their own content. Businesses can select their artists and schedule them for the exhibits at their locations.
  • Businesses can signup online and revenue flows directly to the art center.
  • Quick to get the program up and running.

A2B Benefits for Businesses:

Fill their empty walls with gorgeous artwork.

Improve employee morale by having beautiful artwork to look at.

Refresh their interior every 3 months with an entire new selection of artwork.

Select artwork, contact artists and schedule exhibits in one central place without the headache of looking for artists themselves.

Low cost. Only about $44 a month to have amazing artwork filling their space.

Increased exposure to the art center membership and patrons, artist mailings to their clientele, and website linkages with the regional chambers and the art center website.

Ability to have artist receptions and local art walks to bring in a whole new clientele.

Improved public image as the business becomes viewed as a patron of the arts.